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Update to previous post

Update: DOH!!!!  

Apparently my common sense is running on the low side today. Previously when using the workflows, any link I included I would omit the whole http:// bit because who types that anymore and it worked fine. Then they stopped working which was the reason for the previous post. Then I got one of those I wonder…” moments and tried putting the http:// before the link and SquareSpace recognized the link and in my (very short) testing opens the link as it should. I have no idea why the SquareSpace blogging app is behaving this way with regards to not recognizing the links that don’t have http:// included.    So, the workflows in the original Mobile Blogging Made Easier post still work, but I would recommend including http:// with a link before running the workflows.     Laugh at me for my brain lapse if you want, I’m just happy I figured out how to still use the workflows.

Posted on 2015-08-27   #Uncategorized  

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