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August 2018  1 post

Makerset Field Pen Compact Review

May 2018  1 post

Fisher AG7 Review

April 2018  2 posts

Refreshed in the Wind  ·  Tactile Turn Mover and Shaker Review

March 2018  1 post

Switching to Blot.im

May 2017  1 post

Papermate InkJoy Gel Review

August 2016  1 post

Sunderland Mk1 Now Available

May 2016  2 posts

Karas Pen Co. Render K v2 Review  ·  Mobile Blogging with WordPress

April 2016  2 posts

A New Experience  ·  Machine Era Co Stainless Steel Pen Review

March 2016  3 posts

Mobile Blogging Flying with Fountain Pens Pt. II Sunderland Mk1 Review

November 2015  2 posts

Failed Path  ·  One Year

September 2015  1 post

Cursive to the Classroom

August 2015  3 posts

Update to previous post  ·  Issues with my Mobile Blogging post workflows  ·  Machine Era Co. Brass Pen Review

June 2015  1 post

Aircraft Training

April 2015  1 post

Karas Kustoms INK Review

March 2015  2 posts

Pen Hacks Update  ·  Ateleia Brass Pen Review

February 2015  3 posts

Ti2 Design TechLiner Review  ·  My Fountain Pen Usage  ·  CursiveLogic Kickstarter

January 2015  3 posts

Bic Steel Review Aircraft De-Icing Pen Hacks

December 2014  7 posts

Lamy 2000 Rollerball Review Holiday Update Karas Kustoms Render K Review Mobile blogging made easier Pilot Elite 95s Review FAA MAGIC! Flying with Fountain Pens