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Makerset Field Pen Compact Review ·  2018-08-02 Makerset is a new company from the folks at Machine Era Co. According to their site, the purpose is to focus on their passion for writing tools. I Fisher AG7 Review ·  2018-05-10 When somebody mentions space pen, what pops into your mind? I bet it’s either the fact you can write in very hot or cold temperatures, upside down, Refreshed in the Wind ·  2018-04-15 This is a post from my other blog Thoughts Aloft. I was re-reading it the other day and decided to post it here as well. I have always enjoyed Tactile Turn Mover and Shaker Review ·  2018-04-12 I have been a fan of Tactile Turn and Will Hodges since the first Mover and Shaker Kickstarter campaign. With the exception of the Gist fountain Switching to Blot.im ·  2018-03-30 I have moved Pens and Planes to Blot.im. I tried to keep the RSS feed should the same but I wasn’t able to, so here is the new RSS feed just in Papermate InkJoy Gel Review ·  2017-05-15 I know I’m not alone in doing this, but I have a habit of walking down the pen aisle whenever I go to a big-box store in the hopes that they have Sunderland Mk1 Now Available ·  2016-08-23 Quick update: I know it’s been a while since I’ve had a new post on the site. Between work, a new addition to the family, and life in general, I was Karas Pen Co. Render K v2 Review ·  2016-05-19 It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Karas Kustoms/Karas Pen Co. and the Render K is probably my favorite model. As I stated in my review of the Mobile Blogging with WordPress ·  2016-05-13 The move to WordPress went very smoothly. The only minor hiccup I had was the images still pointed to Squarespace, so I had to download them and A New Experience ·  2016-04-29 I recently experienced something on a flight that neither the captain, the controller, or myself had EVER seen happen or even heard of happening. We Machine Era Co Stainless Steel Pen Review ·  2016-04-25 If you have read my review of the Machine Era Co Brass Pen, then you know I am a big fan of that pen. It is a well-designed pocket pen that can Mobile Blogging ·  2016-03-28 I guess you could call this an update of sorts to my Mobile blogging made easier post. In that post, I talked about converting Markdown text to Rich Flying with Fountain Pens Pt. II ·  2016-03-21 This is a follow up to a post I did when I first started the blog. Even though I know that I can fly and use a fountain pen with no issues, I hadn’t Sunderland Mk1 Review ·  2016-03-14 It’s no secret that I’m a fan of metal pens, especially machined pens that accept Pilot G2/Juice refills. I think part of the attraction to machined Failed Path ·  2015-11-28 “Failed Path-A data path has failed”. That is a very vague message that basically means data isn’t flowing from point A to point B. It doesn’t One Year ·  2015-11-24 Update: added airplane photo Wow, has it been a year already? Apparently it has. Next Friday, December 4, marks the one year anniversary of Pens and Cursive to the Classroom ·  2015-09-14 Earlier this year I posted about the CursiveLogic Kickstarter campaign, that was successfully funded. If you don’t remember it, CursiveLogic is a Update to previous post ·  2015-08-27 Update: DOH!!!!   Apparently my common sense is running on the low side today. Previously when using the workflows, any link I included I would omit Issues with my Mobile Blogging post workflows ·  2015-08-27 Update: See this post for an update. Short version is that everything still works.  I have noticed that some of the workflows that I mentioned in my Machine Era Co. Brass Pen Review ·  2015-08-17 Hey, look. I managed to review a pen that hasn’t been reviewed countless times. I first heard about the Machine Era Co. Brass Pen through the Pen

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